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Guild Wars

Post by Ulquiorra on Sat Mar 21, 2015 3:32 pm

Guild wars happen every day at 7.30 pm (server time). Registration is compulsory to enter, it takes part from 7 to 7.25 pm so think about registering before doing Guild wars!

The principle is easy :
-There are rows, each player enter a row
-The aim is to score the most of points
-When you lose to other player, you earn 3 points
-When you win to other player, you earn 5 points
-When you succeed to go to the end of the row, you earn 5 points
-Guilds with most of points earn good rewards, usually guild chests, which contain materials to forge purple equipments. You also gain XP and merits to upgrade guild skills.

So don't mind if you're a low-level player or don't be discouraged by too strong ones. We need everyone's strive, even if you only lose to players it's still more points for the guild.

So we're waiting for you then!
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