Introduce yourselves

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Introduce yourselves

Post by Ulquiorra on Sat Mar 21, 2015 8:22 pm

Well a little topic with short presentations to get more acquainted^^ Here's my example, but you can make yours as you feel

Username on Bleach online : Ylivalta
Age : 23
Location : France for now, moving up to Finland next year
Occupation : student-researcher in Master of History
Hobbies : writing, gaming, drawing, playing guitar, archery...
I'm usually a nice people, but people know that if they're getting on my nerves I'm quite quick-tempered. I am apolitical and the syndicates students of my campus know it well. I'm dedicating myself to History for six years now and I have two specialization fields : History of contemporary Finland and History of TB. During my spare time, I'm writing a series of HF novels entitled "Crimson Void". I speak french, english, spanish, a bit of german and italian, currently learning finnish, swedish and russian for my studies, I also invented medlain language for my novel. I'm fond of most of metal-type music and opera. Any questions are welcome Smile
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